Dr. Yonna Chehadé Sacre

Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption as Source of Phytonutrients in the East Mediterranean Region

A5 Softcover: 174 Seiten Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 ISBN: 9783895749018
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Fruits and vegetables (F&V) are known to contain considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals in addition to phytonutrients and bioactive compounds having many positive health effects in the prevention of diseases such as cardiovascular illnesses, cancer, etc. This study aims to evaluate the F&V consumption of the Lebanese and Jordanian population as sources of phytonutrients.


The findings stated that the consumption of F&V in Lebanon and Jordan is acceptable as a part of the Mediterranean diet, even though it is affected by several socio demographic and lifestyle factors. Future governmental or national programs and interventions could be settled to encourage and increase the F&V consumption among all the population age levels and areas of residence. And of course, focusing on the crucial effects of phytonutrients on diseases prevention.
Keywords: Fruit, vegetable, health, phytonutrients, bioactive compounds, awareness.