Dr. Robert Williams Cárcamo Mallen

Globalization and Food Security

A Case Study on Livelihoods and Food Security in Sitalá, Chiapas

A5 Softcover: 228 Seiten Erscheinungsjahr: 2020 Sprache:Englisch ISBN: 9783895749919
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In Mexico, 28.4 million people live in rural communities, and 61.6% of them are povertystricken. In rural communities, 60.0% of the population is affected by food insecurity at some level. In the context of globalization and trade liberalization, economic, social, political, and cultural processes have intensified risks and vulnerabilities through space and time, causing adverse effects in Mexico´s rural communities.
This research uses the dynamic analytical framework to analyze the linkages between globalization and food security through a case study in Sitalá, Chiapas. The analytical framework allows for an analysis of different spatial and temporal conditions to identify risks and vulnerabilities. This research points to an existing set of processes and structures that determine the level of food security in Mexico´s rural communities.


The lack of development in social structures in Sitalá is continuing today. Additionally, the rural population is growing and demands more land, water, food, inputs, and services, causing negative effects such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, and consequently affecting livelihoods and food security. These results provide insights into specific patterns and forms of food insecurity, which is pivotal in improving community planning and the design of public policies.