Dr. Stephan Blancke (Editor)

East Asian Intelligence and Organised Crime

China – Japan – North Korea – South Korea – Mongolia

A5 Hardcover: 480 Seiten Erscheinungsjahr: 2015 Sprache:Englisch ISBN: 9783895748882
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More than twenty experts from all over the world take a look at one of the most mysterious and vibrant regions when it comes to intelligence and organised crime: East Asia. Scientists, journalists and practitioners describe the reasons for current developments and analyse future problems – not only for East Asia, but for Western intelligence and police agencies as well.

“Asia is among the most important regions for not just for economic but also for strategic security issues. Almost 20 international experts allow exclusive and up-to-date insights into the security and intelligence world. They also focus on cyber and organised crime, both with serious impacts for Europe. The expert opinions of this study contribute notably to our to understanding of security structures, policies and mindsets as well as of those who challenge them in and out of China, Japan, Mongolia, South and North Korea.”
(Dr. Christian Ehler, Member of the European Parliament, 1st Vice Chairman SC Security & Defence, and EP-Delegation for Relations with the Korean Peninsula)

“Stephan Blancke’s book reveals in-depth expert opinions as to the intelligence communities and organised crime scene of East Asia’s most important nations. Though some is known about China’s or Japan’s security apparatus, Mongolia and North Korea have mostly remained in the dark, at least until now. It is as faszinating as informative to read these current studies by such a variety of well-respected authors and scholars.”
(Dr. Bodo Wegmann, Member of the Board and CEO of the Forum Intelligence Services in Germany)

“Blancke’s East Asian Intelligence and Organised Crime is a fascinating and excellent book. The beauty of his book lies in its exploratory examination of the most politically sensitive areas: intelligence agencies and serious organized crime in East Asia. ”
(Dr. Peng Wang, Assistant Professor of Criminology at the University of Hong Kong)

Susann GRUNE
The Role of Guanxì for Doing Business in China. A Theoretical Approach

Tie NI
Intelligence-led Policing Investigation in the Context of Economic Crime Investigation Modernization

The Death Penalty for drug offences in China and human rights – the leap of faith

Peng WANG, Stephan BLANCKE
Mafia State. The Evolving Threat Of North Korean Narcotics Trafficking

WMD Proliferation through China

Right Wing Organizations, Organized Crime, and the State in Japan – Historical Discourses and Developments

Simon HALL
Japanese Intelligence in Manchuria through the Russo-Japanese War: An Overview

State Intelligence in Japan

Organised Crime in Japan – Yakuza and Company


South Korea
Eunyoung KIM
Historical development of organized crime in South Korea

The Long Way to get the Control of the NIS. A short Case Study of South Koreas National Intelligence Service

Minwoo YUN
Organized crime in the contemporary South Korea

North Korea
North Korean Intelligence and the Making of a National-Security State

Nicolas LEVI
Terrorism scheme and North Korea: a focus on North Korean cyber attacks

Adam CATHCART, Christopher GREEN
North Korean Regime Stability: The Chinese-North Korean Border Region as Test Case

North Korea – Still an intelligence problem

The Soprano State: Criminal Sovereignty and Organized Crime in North Korea

Charles von DENKOWSKI
From state-organised crime to legal business: Transforming North Korea – A criminological approach

Alicia CAMPI
The historical and cultural elements behind Mongolia´s legal system and definition of crime

Jargalsaikhan MENDEE, Adiya TUVSHINTUGS, Julian DIERKES
Intelligence Services in Democratic Mongolia

Alicia CAMPI
Mongolia confronts transnational crime issues in it´s new democracy

  1. Studies in Intelligence, Vol. 60, No.3, 2016

    “East Asian Intelligence and Organized Crime” offers a glimpse of intelligence services in countries that is not found elsewhere in English. Dr. Blancke has performed a valuable service.