Challenges for Heritage Communication in a Globalized World

H. Crescini, O. Vileikis (Hg.)

Understanding Each Other's Heritage - Challenges for Heritage Communication in a Globalized World

Symposium and Workshop Proceedings

A5 Softcover, 350 Seiten
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014

ISBN-13: 9783895748301

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The Symposium and Workshop "Understanding Each Other's Heritage - Challenges for Communication in a Globalized World" was the second event organized by the International Association of World Heritage Professionals (IAWHP) e.V. This initiative contributes to one of the main objectives of the association: to bring together alumni of the Master programme on World Heritage Studies at BTU Cottbus as weil as other heritage professionals, and to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the field of World Heritage.

This time, the event offered not just interesting theoretical presentations, but brought speakers and participants closer through aseries of practical workshops. The idea awoke interest in the heritage community and our call for papers proved to be a large success. The result is this book of proceedings covering the three thematic sessions: (1) Advertising and Edutainment: managing expectations and reality; (2) Heritage (mis)interpretation: challenges and opportunities for interpretation for diverse audiences; and (3) There's an app for that: World Heritage sites and new media.

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