Dr. Christian Ehler, Lea von Martius

Long March for Europe

Migrant Smuggling in the Mediterranean as a Challenge for Internal and External Security Strategies of the EU

17x24 Hardcover: 244 Seiten Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 Sprache:Englisch ISBN: 9783895749100
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2015 has confronted the internal and external security of the European Union with extraordinary challenges. The situation beyond the EU’s southern and eastern borders is determined by crises, conflicts and even war. By implication, more than a million people set out from the Maghrib, the Maschriq, and Africa, from the mountains of the Atlas as well as of the Hindukush for Europe. Crammed with human cargo an almost uncountable number of boats attempt to pass the Mediterranean Sea between Gibraltar and Greek islands like Kos every week. Parallel to this, thousands of people move through the Balkans towards the center of Europe. Their individual fate is as uncertain as the overall development of the process.


Beyond mainstream buzzwords like “refugees”, “smugglers” or “border guards” Christian Ehler and Lea von Martius differentiate the true variety of actors, their motives, and their modi operandi. Based on the evaluation of current findings from official agencies such as Europol and Frontex as well as on extensive scientific results the experienced European politician and the researcher evaluate how the EU can cope with the challenge in the long term.
Preface by Rob Wainwright (Director EUROPOL)

Christian Ehler is a long-standing German Member of the European Parliament. As First Vice Chairman of the Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security & Defence, he has long been concerned with issues related to migration.
Lea von Martius is a researcher with degrees in Economics and International Human Rights Law. She has worked and published in various countries.

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    Bei der Studie handelt es sich um ein hochaktuelles Problem- und lösungsorientiertes Werk, das allen Lesern mit Nachdruck und ohne Einschränkungen zur Lektüre empfohlen wird.